Salt Resistant Camo Pliers

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Enigma Fishing

Salt Resistant Camo Pliers

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Designed with the highest quality materials for durability, functionality, and performance. The Enigma Fishing  Aluminum pliers have a corrosion resistant anodized coating topped with a rubberized paint for maximum grip and slip-resistance and are a must-have for every serious angler.

Featuring an anodized aluminum body, an ergonomic design, and spring-loaded stainless steel jaws, Enigma Fishing Aluminum Fishing Pliers are perfect for slip-less hook removal, tuning crankbaits, and much much more. They also feature tungsten carbide side cutters that make short work of cutting through the toughest fishing lines and light wire.

Equipped with a premium stitched nylon holster, coil-stretch lanyard, and D-ring, the Enigma Fishing Aluminum Fishing Pliers deliver versatility and can be utilized with the holster, attached to your backpack or tackle bag with the lanyard, or simply stowed in a compartment for quick access. Be prepared for any situation you may encounter on the water and always carry the Enigma Fishing Aluminum Fishing Pliers.

  • 6-1/2” long 
  • Anodized aluminum body 
  • Tungsten carbide side cutters 
  • Ergonomic design for a secure grip 
  • Spring-loaded 
  • Stainless steel jaws 
  • Premium stitched nylon holster 
  • Coil-stretch lanyard 

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